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We invite you to share your thoughts here on the Ames girls’ story, or to tell us about your own group of friends. (If there’s a follow-up project, we may be back in touch for more details. Thanks!)

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(94) mary canaday-gray
Mon, 25 May 2009 14:46:39 +0000

I cried as I read the book. My best friend ever told me a year and a half ago that she wanted to put some space between us. Her husband had just been diagnosed with cancer (he is now cancer free) and she needed to be strong and if she was with me, she would let her guard down. Since then, she has apologized for pushing me away, yet she continues to do so. I cried for all that I am missing. I do have great friends, but none like her. I am jealous of your friendship. God bless y'all!!

(93) Kathy Lukavsky
Mon, 25 May 2009 02:06:45 +0000

We call ourselves the "Chillum Girls". There are 6 of us and we grew up in the same neighborhood in Chillum, Maryland. We went to the same grade school. We attended 3 different high schools but remained best friends. One of the girl's parents would take all 6 of us to Ocean City for a week or 2 of vacation every summer and to this day we try to reunion there as often as we can. I married young and moved to Iowa over 30 years ago, one of the girls lives in South Carolina and the other 4 remain in Maryland. We celebrated our 50th birthdays together in Chicago. There are differences between the Ames Girls friendship and ours, but I was amazed at some of the similarities - especially the love they have for each other. Thank you for writing this book - it is a tribute not only to the Ames 11 but to all lifelong friendships that mean so much to those of us who are blessed to have them.

(92) Mary
Sun, 24 May 2009 23:58:58 +0000

My book club chose THE GIRLS FROM AMES, and a companion book DEWEY: THE SMALL-TOWN LIBRARY CAT WHO TOUCHED THE WORLD to read for our June meeting. Although I've never visited the state of Iowa, through the wonder of books, I can say that I have. For ambitious readers, I highly recommend these two books for a virtual trip to the psyche of the state of Iowa. And, I am planning to bring some sort of corn snack to the meeting.

(91) Karen W
Sun, 24 May 2009 23:57:01 +0000

I finished the book last night. I laughed and cried. It was really good. I have a couple of close friends that I still see at least once a year. We try for more. We met in Cedar Rapids, Ia. when we were in our early to mid 20's. I'm in Peoria, Il. now and they are in Chicago. They kept in touch with me and said the things I needed to hear when I went through breast cancer. I had a scare this past September (5 years later) and I found out I needed a biopsy the day I was driving to Chicago to see them. The weekend with them was what I needed. They kept me laughing. I don't know what I'd do without them. Everything turned out to be okay. I got the book because it was about women and I lived in Des Moines for about 7 years. I'm so glad I read it. Women do need these special friendships.

(90) Sue Seiwert
Sat, 23 May 2009 04:57:24 +0000

I just finished "The Girls from Ames". I can totally relate to them. I am a little older being 49, but I have friends from the time I was born. My circle is not 11, but I have about 5 close friends that I have for very long time. We don't hang out in a group, because I met them in different places, but I do have one friend that I met in Kindergarten, went to high school and college with and still friends today. In fact it was her that gave me the book for my second round of college and my graduation of becoming a teacher. Thank you for sharing everything with the world and the best of luck to all involved in this book.

(89) Julia Scriven
Fri, 22 May 2009 17:10:30 +0000

I just finished reading "The Girls from Ames" and really enjoyed learning about their bond and the relationships. My daughter gave it to me for my birthday last month because she knew that I could identify with the friendships. My best friend of 46 years died suddenly this January and I am having a very hard time without her. I just can't believe that she is gone from my earthly life. She is with me everyday because I think about her and talk to her out loud when I am in the car by myself! I just wish I could send her an e-mail cause there is so much I want to say to her. We are a part of 7 girls that call themselves "The Beach Sisters". As you can tell by our name, we go to the beach once a year for a girl's get away and just enjoy being together talking, walking, shopping learning to knit etc. 4 of us have been friends since high school and the other three came into our lives through college. Two are sister-in-laws and within the group there are a couple of sets of Best Friends. Little did we know that soon after our last get away in October we would suddenly loose of us, my best friend. After reading this book and from my own experience there is no doubt that girlfriends are one of the most important relationships in life. Since Patti's death I realize it more and more each day. These friends are there to support each other through all of life's celebrations and challenges as is so evident in the book. Friendships like these are to be cherished, appreciated and not taken for granted.

(88) Kelli Johnston Douglas
Thu, 21 May 2009 03:48:44 +0000

I was searching on the internet for something. (For the life of me, I cannot recall what it was). Out of the corner of my eye, I saw an ad for The Girls from Ames. It caught my attention and as I read further, I knew I HAD to have the book! I went straight to the bookstore that very day and purchased my copy.
I grew up in Galveston, Texas and I had 10 BFFs. No secret meaning - just Best Friends Forever. 11 girls who everyone referred to as "The Gang". We graduated high school in 1982 - just one year after the girls from Ames.
I have finished reading the book and it has stirred up so many emotions. I can't wait to share it with the gang. We stay in touch and all live fairly close to one another. In fact, very few of us live outside of Galveston county. Even when we are apart, I know that we continue have an incredible bond - just like the girls from Ames!
The book has inspired me to plan a reunion. Even though we live in close proximity, at times we have been remiss in staying in contact with one another. The similarities in the girls from Galveston Island and the Girls from Ames, is almost hard to believe! Thank you for sharing. You have touched my heart in so many ways.

(87) Donna
Wed, 20 May 2009 19:32:59 +0000

As of today the HVG's(Hill View Girls) will be reading your book. We will be chit chatting on face book if you are interested. The group name on face book is HVG's. Email me if you are interested and I will let you in the group.The group is 9 strong,in their fifties,all still live in the same state except one.

(86) Robin
Tue, 19 May 2009 15:01:46 +0000

Wow..when I read a write up on the book, I had to buy it.

I'm just one in a group of seven "girls" that have been friends since our early 20's. That's when the group formed, even though some of us were friends before then.

A tradition started one Christmas when we decided it was too costly for all of us to buy each other presents, so we just decided to do dinner and ice skating. I am proud to say that we hold a Christmas Celebration every year and are now on number 19! The celebrations have ranged from dinner's out, to progressive dinners, to slumber parties, to weekends away (my favorite). About 3/4 years into the tradition we decided to exchange ornaments that included the year and it needed to somehow refer to friendship. Those are my favorite ornaments to put on the tree each year.

Six of the seven grew up in Louisville, KY, the other in Corydon, IN. Now, 4 are still in Louisville, one in Corydon, IN, another in Leitchfield, KY, and myself, in Wichita Falls, TX (for now).

These ladies were so hard to leave for me when I moved and I'm so grateful they are in my life. We're able to keep in touch and they mean even more to me today. We're all in our late 30's and starting to hit some rough spots in our lives but we're there for each other.

There have been 2 divorces, 14 children, the loss of 3 parents, some serious illnesses and some close calls. Two girls are single, 4 are mom's and me, married, with no children.

Thank you for your book. I already knew that my female friendships were one of the most important things in my life. I'm just hoping that the woman out there who thinks her husband/boyfriend is the only thing she needs, realizes how rewarding the friendships can be. I would be nuts without them.

Thank you...and as well as the early posters, I would love to see some follow up from the "The Girls from Ames".


(85) Julie
Tue, 19 May 2009 10:41:10 +0000

I just finished reading The Girls from Ames and thought it was incredible. It reminded me of my mother and her close girlfriends, who call themselves the Ya-Ya sisters, after the book/movie. Although they became friends later in life, they shared a bond similar to the Ames girls. My mother passed away last summer, at the age of 56, when I was 3 months pregnant with her first grandchild. Her ya-ya sisters have offered me much love and support through the pregnancy and since the birth of my daughter. It has been awe inspiring to experience the effects of my mom's relationship with her "ya-ya sisters".

(84) Ann
Mon, 18 May 2009 19:36:32 +0000

I'm halfway through this delightful book and I've laughed, cried and went through a full range of emotions already. As I was reading the stories of each girl and the differences in personalities, I was matching them to my circle of friends. What a group of right and left brain personalities we are! Thank you for writing this beautiful book and to all the Ames girls for sharing their stories with us.

(83) Irene McCormick
Mon, 18 May 2009 13:05:44 +0000

I am not an Ames native but I am about the same age as the gilrs and I now live in Ames (transplanted from Los Angeles via graduate school at ISU). I am so tracking with this story and their lives. I love the girls and I want to meet all of them!

(82) Lana Burgulis
Mon, 18 May 2009 11:48:17 +0000

We are three sisters born between 1939 and 1945 who grew up in Ames, Iowa. I just bought three copies of "The Girls From Ames" and plan to take them to our "sisters vacation" which we are having June 1-4 in Louisville, Ky. I cannot wait to see my sisters' reactions when I hand them their copy! I have not even allowed myself to read the book yet as I want us to enjoy it together. I am hoping, as we read the book, that there will be many references to all the places we loved and things we did as happy children growing up in Ames, Iowa! The "Thorpe" sisters -- Lana, Dinah and Vicki

(81) Alice M Shea
Mon, 18 May 2009 03:45:43 +0000

I had the pleasure of speaking to Jeff on the radio and when I hung up I couldn't stop crying. My friend Mary of 55 years died two weeks ago. I know I will have to go out and buy the book for myself, Denise, Christine, and. I kind of hope they haven't read it yet so we can do it together like we did so many things over the years. One of the best one had to be in High School when everyone was joining Glee Club and Mary, Carol, and Denise were all Altos so I desided to be an Alto. Oh,I didn't know you had be able to sing Alto.
Sr. Timithy Julie finally realize there was someone who didn't belong. Mary I wish you were still here so you could read the book with us and laugh some more and probably cry too.

(80) Lisa
Sun, 17 May 2009 23:56:36 +0000

Dear Mr. Zaslow,

I do not know how to thank you and the "Girls from Ames" for sharing this beautiful story of the power of women's friendships with the world. I am one of four DGs (I can't tell you what that means as we are sworn to secrecy) who have been friends since college. We are in our early 30s now. Two of the DGs have children. One is married. One is in a serious and committed long distance relationship. Two of us are single. Two of us are changing careers. We live in pairs - two in NY and two in CT. I think my DGs will agree when I say that we are most ourselves when we are with each other. I believe the term you used in the book when describing how the Girls from Ames feel when they are together as their authentic selves - that is it completely.

I saw so much of me and my girls in this book. I will treasure it and share it with my girls, as I know they will appreciate it as much as I did. My one question is - how are the girls now? Without revealing anything for those who have not read the book, there are a lot of loose ends that I am wondering about.

Thank you for this!!

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