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We invite you to share your thoughts here on the Ames girls’ story, or to tell us about your own group of friends. (If there’s a follow-up project, we may be back in touch for more details. Thanks!)

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(559) Alana C
Fri, 15 July 2011 12:05:34 +0000

I saw the infamous 'book cover' at a chain bookstore about a month ago and immediately judged and assumed what the book would be about. I was right! :D Pleasantly pleased!!

I am in my mid 20s and have prided myself on maintaining friendships with many girls/women from all walks of my life.

At this time, I maintained one friendship since we were 2yrs old,Kim, several from kindergarten and grade school.

While all of my friendships I assume will last forever because of our mutual dedication to our relationships, one for sure I know will reamin. The friend of "Foxpack".

Lovinginly named after "The Wolfpack" from the movie the Hangover, the Foxpack has 4 members. Myself and Kim, Kim's friend from Kindergarten Justine and Justine's friend since she was 2yrs old, Melissa. I have known Justine since I was about 6yrs old, running into her at Kim's birthday parties etc but we never bonded until last year. Melissa suddenly got added to the picture after multiple chats with Kim and Justine about turning our threesome into a foursome, mimicing "Sex and the City."

For the most part we all appreciate and crave what the women in that series portray; BEST friends that live on through lifes triumphs and tribulations. Four women whom you can share your dreams, hopes and sorrow with all the while laughing with chocolate on your face. Friends and sisters you know you can turn to beyond your future husband and when your parents are not always there for you, in whatever capacity.

Just a few months ago I celebrated my 25th birthday, Kim and Justine graduated university and Melissa completed her second degree! It was a fulfilling time for us all. We celebrated (sans Melissa due to work :( ) at my parents timeshare in Clear Lake , Manitoba (Canada). This is my home away from home, which I hadn't shared with too many people in the past.

It was the first time we had really connected as young women, facing the next chapter of our lives, rather than gossiping and existing and young girls. For me it was a time to appreciate a Euro-style moment in which all that matters are good friends, good food and good wine. I presented the girls with matching rings, which spell "Love" only a bright red heart exists instead of an 'o'.

The girls were speechless and appreciative; hugs wildly went around the room with a fear shed tears of joy. We acknowledged Melissa and vowed to give her a beautiful experience to view her ring for the first time when back to the city.

The day we arrived home Justine and Melissa went out for dinner and then met Kim and I back at Justine's house. Kim, Justine and I presented Melissa with a bag of gifts from our recent adventures to Japan as well as items Kim brought back from Thailand. Melissa seemed touched and full of joy! Finally, I presented her with a token of my love to our beloved 'Foxpack' that I hope we will share forever - the Love ring.

Each of us treasures it in a different way and wears it how we see fit. It is slowly becoming a symbol to each of us when apart from the others of love til death due us part.

I love my friends and I am grateful that Jeffrey Zaslow took the time to acknowledge women and their beautiful ability to rise above and maintain sisterly love amongst their peers.

His words through this book, as well as the Last Lecture, have stuck with me since putting the books down. I am inspired to live my life more fully and appreciate even more the gifts of my friends, especially the Foxpack, for today, tomorrow and always.

KUDOS J Zaslow!
LOVE to The Shit Sisters from the Foxpack!

(558) Shawna
Wed, 13 July 2011 18:55:17 +0000

This last weekend I had the privilege of getting together with my friends from High School, class of 1984. The 5 of us went to a place called Chico Hot Springs, outside of Livingston, MT and very close to Bozeman. One of the girls had your book and insisted I take it home and read it. Once I started, I could not put it down and actually just finished it. We grew up in a small town called Laurel, MT and are fortunate to have each other. I can see each of us in you girls and wanted to say thanks for sharing your store of everlasting love, and friendship. My girls and I always joke of how we are going to all live together someday. Hey, maybe that can be a new chain of nursing homes! Friendship Mannor, Only girlfriends allowed! LOL. Thank you so much for your stories, I laughed, I crfed and related. I look forward to reading how you all are doing in the future!

(557) diana
Sat, 9 July 2011 17:04:33 +0000

An interesting read and certainly a marvel how all of you have stayed in touch for so long and stayed so intimate.
I have 2 bestfriends from college, we lived together for several years after college, before moves and marriages. I consider them sisters and we have been getting together for the past 20 some years. Besides "growing up" with each other in college, I know that the years we spent together after college are what have kept us together, having experiences no one else would know or understand. Those years were shaping and molding us for our futures. We also have the great bond of Christ in our lives. Sharing our spiritual journeys are key. We all 3 are married, 3 children between us, in 3 different states.

(556) James G
Fri, 8 July 2011 12:34:29 +0000

I saw and ad for your book oniline a few weeks ago. I lived in Minnesota a few yaers ago so I had quite a few friends from Iowa. It looked interesting. I'm currently serving In Afghanistan and people are kind enough to donate books for us to read and this was one. when I saw it I had to read it. I may be the only man to post to your site, but I don't care. Your book reminded me of female friends I met in high school in Minnesota. I moved alot so I was always having to make me friends, so I'm a little envious. The has helped me to understand a little better the female prespective on friendships. I have a teenage daughter and she's always trying to make new friends, it's hard for her sometimes and of course I give her the military male perspective. After reading this book that will not be the case anymore and the same goes for my wife who I feel I understand a little better now. Like most of the comments I just finished reading the book. It was the first book I've read in a long time. The book is great. You lady's are fantastic. I've enjoyed reading you story. I could go on but I shouldn't. To Kelly and was a journalism student also at a rival Big Nine school years ago and I watched as soem girls I knew had very similat experiences while we were in school. Some stories are truly universal. Good luck to all and your families.

James G.

(555) Pamela
Sun, 3 July 2011 00:10:14 +0000

I just finished reading your book, and I loved it. I think it is wonderful that you have such a good and lasting relationship with your friends. I wish I had that kind of connection with friends, but I don't. I moved from a small town to a larger town, and it is really hard to connect with people, especially since, my only child was long grown before I moved here. I'm not even close to my family, I joke all the time that I am an orphan.

It must have been nice to have a all these friend to share in your time of heartache, and through your illnesses. I was had a non cancareous brain tumor in 2004, and thought my family was getting closer during the time leading up to my surgery, and then when I woke up, it seems everything changed. My Mother stopped talking to me and my sister, and we haven't spoken in several years, and don't know why, but I have tried to mend the relationship, but she says she's not ready. I lost my dad in 2007 and he was really my one and only family I really felt connected with, and I miss him so much. Anyway I just think you girls are all so lucky, and the book gives me hopr that one day I will find a friend that I will connect with and hold dear for many years.

(554) Nadine Gallegos
Sat, 2 July 2011 02:38:37 +0000

I have been so intrigued with this book, I just finished it and had to go to your website. The book is so much alike to the life I have with my girls (The Ya Ya's) as we are known. Eight of us grew up in California, Rosemead, West Covina, El Monte, San Gabriel area, all around the same year as the Ames girls (1960-1963). We all still live within the same area so no far travel for us, we still get together at least every two months for Birthdays, or different events that come up. I cannot tell you how much these girls mean to me as you have expressed in the book, that is why I am writing this, I feel it, I get it. We did lose one of our precious Angels (Margie) to cancer in 2004, miss her so much. I actually e-mailed Karla regarding Christie, I was amazed with Christie's CaringBridge post, she was an amazing little girl, she makes me strong at times just thinking about all she went through and still had the greatest spirit through it all. I just wanted to express myself and say thank you for sharing such wonderful memories of your lives as special friends because I have that in my life, could not live without my girls, they are a part of me. I wish you all the best in your lives, you have the best support ever!

Thank you,

(553) Cristy Douglas
Mon, 27 June 2011 22:57:42 +0000

I just finished reading your book. I laughed, I cried, Im just loved it. Mostly because my best friend and I were born in 1963 in California. We have been best friends since we were six. This book, was so much like our lives, mainly because of your friendships and because we were born in the same year and could toally relate to everything you talked about. My friend Kathy and I have been through alot in our 42 year friendship. We both currently live in the same town, just a couple of miles from each other. I can't tell you how much your story has meant to me. When I finished, I wrote my friend Kathy a letter (which I have not done in quite some time), I'm going to put it in a card and give her the book to read. Thank you so much for sharing your lives with America. Thank you for blessing me with your stories. I can't wait to share this with my friend, Kathy. God Bless you all.

(552) nancy naylor martin
Mon, 27 June 2011 01:23:03 +0000

I just finished the book, and loved it! What connected me the most to the book is that I, too, am from Iowa (Webster City). My first job, as well, was corn detassling, so that took me down memory lane. While I no longer live there, people are always commenting to me about my 'midwest' values (which I take as a compliment)...and I SO saw that throughout the book....the unconditional love, loyalty, and lifelong bond as friends the Girls From Ames share. I have lived many places, but have made and KEPT friends all along the journey (including one friend from when I was 3; i am 54 now). people are always amazed at the longevity and loyalty of my friendships, and this book reconfirmed my belief that it all started with my Iowa roots & those 'midwest values'...there's more to Iowa than corn and hogs, as the girls from Ames have shown us!

(551) Heather
Wed, 15 June 2011 17:53:01 +0000

"A Story of Women and a 40 yr friendship"... I saw that and thought; "Wow, a book about us!" I read it and realized just how unique and precious this really is. As a part of a remarkably similiar friendship, I always knew it was special,(well, maybe not early on!) but reading about it and feeling the same emotions as I relate what these girls have gone through with my own friends... words cannot describe how lucky I feel to have this same type of bond. My girls and I attended a small school in a small town in Western NY. Nothing but grapevineyards as far as you could see, one traffic light... and beautiful Lake Erie. Many of us were friends before we even knew we were friends because our parents attended the same school, and even some of our grandparents. We all communicate regularly via email and facebook and even get together for girls' weekends even though we are quite spread out. We are also close to many of the guys from our class (we had a big graduating class, around 30!) and some of the teachers... but it's that bond with My Girls that is most precious. We know each other's inner children, and love each other unconditionally. We truely are each others' best friends. I was the first to read your book, I am signing it and sending it to one of The Girls. Thank you for sharing.

(550) Elizabeth Cregan
Fri, 10 June 2011 10:50:16 +0000

I just finished your book and cannot tell you how much it touched me on every level. After finishing it at 11pm last night (a day after buying it) I amoff this morning to pass it on to my own "Shit Sister". I have to. It so perfectly reflects so much of what we talkabout when the concept of our friendship over the years comes up. Friends since we were about 16, sisters in all ways since about 19, we share everything in a bond that I thought could not be explained, until I read your book. It also fell just days after having a conversation with my nearly 10 year old about friends, fair weather friends, and forever friends and how to know who will be your, as she puts it, BFF. I cannot wait to share your story with my daughter, to see what she thinks after reading it. I see it strengthening her understanding of my self and my friendships and relationships. I wish my "man" was a reader because Iamtired of trying to explain it to him since he walked in on us 20 years into our friendship, and cannot understand why we share everything, analyze everything and stick together flies to honey.

Thank you for sharing your lives. the good the bad the ugly... it's what it's all about. I already knew everything in your story, EVERYTHING, because I know, but the way it was presented was GOLD. It is a book that will quickly be worn on the binding, passed around,and I am sure littered with notes back and forth between friends marking our own personalities and stories within yours. It's a friendship Bible for women in which we can build our own scrap book off of yours.

Again, Thank you! THANK YOU!!
Tizzie, who loves her friend dearly, (not querely as OUR class notes used to read) and will forever hold tight to the ones who know the WHOLE story and can laugh at the mere mention of meat, doo-doo and arugula. FFB HAHA

(549) Georgia Crouch Burke
Fri, 10 June 2011 01:20:38 +0000

I loved this book for more than reason. In 1966, I moved to Ames with my newborn daughter and my husband, who attended graduate school there. Dr. McCormack was my daughter's pediatrician. I had to chuckle at some of the stories about his promotion os sex education. When my daughter was just an infant, he asked if I had started her sex education yet. I was someway at a loss for words. She was three months old. He said, "if you begin telling her about reproduction now, using correct terminology, she'll be so comfortable with the story and the words that you, nor she, will never be embarrassed to talk.". Well, I did & he was right. Then when she was 5, I overheard her talking to her three year old sister - both were matter of factly talking about their bodies, using correct terminology!!

It was also fun to realize that my daughter was in the same Church nursery with a couple of the women. We left Ames before they were old enough to develop a friendship, but I'd like to think they might have been friends.

I have a wonderful group of long term friends collected over my lifetime. I have three wonderful friends from high school, and others made in my. Adult life. I have organized many women's groups, and as a clinical psychologist, I have urged women to nurture their relationships with other women.

(548) dilek
Thu, 9 June 2011 21:09:38 +0000

kitab? bugün bitirdim. bana en yak?n arkada??m?n do?um günü hediyesiydi ve benim için çok anlaml? bir hediye oldu. kitap beni çok etkiledi. özellikle en yak?n arkada??mdan bu kitab? hediye olarak almam daha da anlaml?yd?. benim arkada? grubum üç ki?iden olu?uyor ve dilerim ben de arkada?lar?mla sizler gibi böyle uzum, sevgi dolu ve birbirine s?k? s?k?ya ba?l? bir dostluk geçiririm. iyi geceler :)

(547) Kimberly
Fri, 3 June 2011 20:38:15 +0000

I just completed your book--thank you! It was a window to a life that was different from my own, as I never had a large group of friends. I do though have the very best kind of best friend, and our experience is perhaps unique. We met at Harvard Law School and graduated with honors and with coveted positions at law firms. But 5 years after graduation we found ourselves on opposite sides of the heated Mommy Wars. I decided to be a stay-at-home mom and gave up what appeared to be a promising legal career as an international lawyer in a large national law firm. People have told me directly that I have wasted my education. She has gone on to be the sole breadwinner of the family (she has a stay-at-home husband), the managing partner of her prestigious law firm, and a cover girl of sorts, having been featured prominently in law journals and magazines because she is such a legal (female) star. Despite our very different experiences, however, now 13 years after graduation, we are as close as we ever were. I think we each figured out who we really were during law school and we supported each other and grew together in this process. We weren't yet defined by the house we owned, the job we had or the car we drove. We just loved each other and survived the trials of a challenging experience together. While our working lives are very different, there are many things we have in common: we have children, we are aging, we are dealing with ailing parent(s), we both had the more-than-usual dysfunctional family situations growing up (which I think is the reason we both didn't have a group of close friends when we were younger). I am thankful for her, and I thought of her often as I cried and laughed through The Girls from Ames.

(546) Kelly Smith Owens
Wed, 1 June 2011 23:54:02 +0000

Dear Ames Girls,
Thanks for sharing your story. I just finished the book and loved it. i cannot tell you how many similarities there are to my own life. I, too, grew up in a close knit community and still keep in touch with my closest girlfriends. For over twenty years we have been getting together every year or so for reunions similar to yours. The situations you all lived through mirror many of mine, but one I have to mention. It relates to Jenny. I, too, attended the University of South Carolina and was a Tri-Delt. I was there from '83-'85. Jenny and I must have been there together, although not sure we remember each other. Would love to hear back from her!! Thanks again for sharing all of your happy and painful memories and reminding me of how important these friendships are.


Kelly (Smith) Owens

(545) Tara Connell
Sun, 22 May 2011 05:13:59 +0000

The cover of this book has always grabbed my attention, and I am so glad I finally picked it up!

I come from a group of girls who met in elementary school and slowly started adding from there. Even at the age of 19 and 20, the twelve of us have faced many of the same battles and heartaches as the girls from Ames. I continuously find strength and comfort in the fact that I have 12 girls who have my back, and love me exactly for who I am.

We are all finishing up our second year of college and are realizing that our friendships are going to take much more work now that people are going to be permanently living else where. I plan on writing a note in the book and passing it along, to share the insight and hope I have gotten from it.

Thank you for sharing your stories. They are down to earth, real and inspiring!

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