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We invite you to share your thoughts here on the Ames girls’ story, or to tell us about your own group of friends. (If there’s a follow-up project, we may be back in touch for more details. Thanks!)

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(334) Gail DeAlba
Thu, 21 January 2010 00:54:49 +0000

I had the joy of reading "The Girls from Ames" last year after having read a People Magazine review on it. My initial interest in the book was peaked by the fact that it was about this group of friends from the midwest who were sharing their stories of growing up together in the 70's. I could relate as I am one of a large group of girls from another midwestern town of Wisconsin all whom graduated in 1978 but remain in touch to this day. As a matter of fact, it is this year 2009/10 that we are all turning 50 years old. We are planning our own reunion to take place in September of this year in Dallas, Texas. We are going to celebrate our 50th together and are all looking forward to sharing the laughter and the tears that our memories of yesteryear and and our lives to date are sure to bring. We are now scattered throughout the U.S. including Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado, California, Texas and beyond. We are married and divorced and mothers and grandmothers We are professionals and homemakers. We are survivors in many ways and friends 'til the end. -. Its a tribute and a celebration, not only of our 50 years of living but of our anywhere from 36-45 years of friendship. When I read the book, The Girls from Ames, I couldn't help but think it just as easily could have been The Girls from "the Falls". Thanks for sharing your stories and for inspiring us to share our own.

(333) Lane
Mon, 18 January 2010 00:38:42 +0000

I am one of 6 girls who got back together after our 25th high school reunion! We had all gone to girl scout camp together in junior high and a couple had even known each other since birth! Since our high school reunion 10 years ago, we have gotten together every summer for a reunion of just us! We have a special name, trade swaps every year (like at girl scout camp), call each other when we need emergency meetings (usually regarding our families), get together when we're in each others' towns and swap books with each other. One of the girls' sister gave her the book for Christmas saying it reminded her of our group then called me saying she was going to send it to me. Today, she emailed the others telling them she really wanted us all to read it so we could discuss it this summer at our gathering and even play "The Pebble Game". One of the others wrote to say her daughter-in-law had given her the same book for Christmas as it reminded her our our group. This book must be something- I can't wait to get Nancy's in the mail!


(332) Erin
Thu, 14 January 2010 20:47:47 +0000

I am a freshman in college and have had the wonderful blessing of an amazing group of friends since 8th grade. While reading, I found so many similarities between our group, "The Hockey Girls" and the girls from ames (i.e. the nicknames, the crazy memories, and the overabundance of laughter whenever we are together). I'm eager to see where our lives lead us and find comfort in the lasting friendships of the ames girls! I'm most definitely going to suggest this book to all of my friends!

(331) Danielle A.
Thu, 14 January 2010 01:33:51 +0000

A friend of mine gave me the book to read. I just finished the book and WOW, I loved every chapter! I cried while reading several parts of the book. My heart warmed up many times as I could relate to so many of the stories about the girls and their relationships, struggles, etc. I am a member of a wonderful group of woman who came together the summer before our oldest child entered kindergarten. There were five of us with one that had twins and an older sibling. We had a instant connection that quickly grew strong each month. We now have at least ten in our group of wonderful woman. We have similar interests and that has kept our bond strong. We live in a small town. Other woman would like to join our group but there is something special about the natrual bond that develped between the original 5 woman and then the additional 5 woman. Thank you for sharing your life stories in the book. I pray for Kelly and Angela as they battle breast cancer. I hope they are doing well and living life!

(330) Jennifer
Wed, 13 January 2010 17:08:38 +0000

I just finished the book yesterday and couldn't help but write to you about my "girls". We are a group of six who have been connected to each other in one way or another since birth. We grew up in Manhattan, Kansas which is a Midwest college town very similar to Ames. The book resonated with me on so many levels. We have experienced so much of life together, high school crushes, standing up for one another in our weddings, divorce, becoming moms. Although distance apart is our biggest challenge, we remain in one another's lives daily through email. We are always there for one another no matter the miles and get together at least once a year for a girl's trip. Most often we get together in Manhattan where all of our parents remain and we have built in sitters for the kids. We are free to galavant the town carefree as if we were still teenagers. In fact, your book was given to me in a care package from one of my "girls" after I went on bedrest with my third pregnancy!

(329) Connie Augustyniak
Tue, 5 January 2010 16:27:30 +0000

Wow. Just finished reading the book and it feels so close to home. I am part of a "group of eight" that originated in kindergarten for some and highschool for others in the group. We are now all 43. We have celebrated or grieved marriages, divorces, death, love and eveything in between. Thank you so much for sharing all your memories with all of us.
There is something magical about relationships that last this long and strong, isn't there?

(328) Nedra Conrad
Sun, 3 January 2010 03:52:14 +0000

I just finished this book with tears streaming down my face. What a story of female friendship over the years! I am fortunate to be a member of a female group who were in Sioux City IA together during 1969-1971 while most of us attended Briar Cliff College. We also have annual reunions but live closer together than The Girls From Ames. We also have had births and deaths of children, struggles and joys, health issues with ourselves and our parents. This book reminded me of the improtance of these friendships and how they need to be nutured. I just emailed the four others and told them to read this book. I would do just about anything for each of these women friends and I know they would do the same for me (and some already have). True friendship is such a gift. Thank you to the girls from Ames and Jeffrey Zaslow for allowing us into their lives!

(327) Kathy Terrell
Fri, 1 January 2010 15:34:49 +0000

This has been a wonderful journey reading about the sisterhood of another group of women!

I am 35 years old and my four girlfriends and I have been the best of friends since grammar school. We started out in pairs and then somehow became this group that's been more like sisters for the last 25 years or so. We, too, have moved away from each other, with only one left in our old hometown, and we have at least one annual get-together where we stay up late eating, talking and laughing so hard it hurts. We kayak every summer. We break out the yearbooks and old notes. Now we're traveling through adulthood together, helping each other through marriage, adult dating, raising children, aging Our friendship is something we all cherish.

It was touching to read about another group of women with the same special bond. I laughed and cried reading this book and will be recommending it to others. Thanks to the Girls from Ames for sharing their story.

(326) Lisa Gardner
Wed, 30 December 2009 18:17:37 +0000

I was setting up a reunion of some of my closest college friends from Iowa State in Ames when my sister recommended this book to me. It made me miss these fantastic women even more because our connections were not so close or so long as the girls from Ames, as our relationships began as freshmen in college. We are getting together to tell stories and find out how our lives have all taken their course over the years. I am absolutely looking forward to our get-together, and re-connecting with the people who played such an important part in my life then and now.

(325) Gina
Tue, 29 December 2009 15:34:37 +0000

My book club and I just finished "The Girls from Ames." To discuss the book (and celebrate the holidays!) the 8 of us met for dinner in downtown Manhattan. Although we all loved the book for different reasons, we agreed that the girl's friendship reminded us so much of the bonds we share with each other. We call ourselves "The Mean Girl Book Club," although we are really a bunch of "nice girls"! Much like the "S Sisters", the "mean girls" title is meant to represent how outsiders may view our close-knit relationship.

During the event, we replicated Angela's "fill in the blank" game and also revealed the character that we most related to.

"The Girls from Ames" was one of our favorite book club selections. It was an extraordinary story that is played out with different characters and in different settings throughout the world.

(324) Susan Brinkman Chapla
Tue, 29 December 2009 14:32:06 +0000

What a great read over Christmas break! I grew up in Nevada, just east of Ames, and can relate to many of the stories shared by the girls. Dr. McCormack was my pediatrician and I remember his quiet, professional demeanor. When I was little, penicillin shots cured everything. I remember Dr. McCormack telling me when he would give me the shot so I could scream. It never failed, when he told me to scream, the shot was already finished. He also had yummy lollipops in the 3rd drawer as a treat for being good. Dr. McCormack ended up staying in the same Alzheimer's care facility as my grandma prior to their passing.
I would like to hear an update on all of the girls, especially Kelly and Angela.
Your friendship is idolized by many women!

(323) Nikki
Tue, 29 December 2009 04:30:04 +0000

I just finished reading the book and loved it. I picked it up because my best friend went to college at Iowa State and now lives outside of Ames. We are still young and are only in our 11th year of friendship. It has hit some rough spots lately but this book gives me hopes that we will stay strong. We don't see each other as much as we would like (usually only when her and her husband come back to visit their families twice a year) but I know if I ever need her I can always pick up the phone she will be there. I plan on sending her the book for another bonding experience. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

(322) Amy Amspacher
Mon, 28 December 2009 18:33:25 +0000

I received the book for Christmas and could not put it down! I cannot wait to have my BFF's read it too. Five of us have been friends for 36 years and keep on going. Reading this book is like a look at our friendship we too have had a roller coaster ride with marriages, divorce, loss of child just to name a few. We cherish the time that we can get together especially our girls only weekend every March. Thank you for showing the world how important and special friendships are for women.

(321) Kim Bush
Sun, 27 December 2009 05:40:00 +0000

I received this book as a Christmas gift, and could not put it down. I have several friends that I am still in touch with after 25 years, but my oldest friend of over 35 years recently decided that we were no longer friends. This ended with no explanation or anything. I still mourn the friendship and it hurts me more than the deaths I have expierenced.

(320) Anne Schaeffer
Wed, 23 December 2009 22:02:29 +0000

I just finished The Girls from Ames. It was wonderful and brought back so many memories of Iowa for me. I grew up in Webster City, about 40 miles north of Ames. I remember athletic ompetitions with the junior highs in Ames, Central and Welch. I also believe that Marilyn's children go to Oak-Land Junior High in Lake Elmo. I retired after 38 years of teaching, 31 in Stillwater Area School, last June, but I don't think any of Marilyn 's children had reached 9th grade yet. I taught 9th grade English. My first 7 years of teaching were in DeWitt, Iowa. During my first year at Oak-Land in 1978, there were six other female teachers at Oak-Land and the seven of us have remained in touch for the past 40 years. 5 of us remain in Minnesota, 4 in the Twin Cities and 1 in Rochester. One is in Chicago and one is in Dayton, Ohio. We have stayed close and I truly appreciate the friendship and support that has remained. When we met only 2 were married. One has never married, but the rest of us are married and we have brought 11 children into the world. All of them have graduated from college and are gainfully employed. I laughed and cried with the girls from Ames and identified with so many experiences. Jeffrey Zaslow did an excellent job with the book. Thank you all for sharing your story and thanks to Jeffrey for putting it together so well. I couldn't put it down.

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